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Bubble Soccer – A new amazing sport

guys playing bubble football

As everything evolves, sports should not stay the same forever. There are now some new ways to make you sweat, have fun with friends and keep you healthy without going to the gym or training every day. They are a mix of fun activities and sports. This new sports may include trampolining, indoor skiing, Parkour, hyper-simulation or bubble soccer.

But what is bubble soccer?

It is exactly what it sounds like in the name: regular football with the small exception that your legs are free, but from legs, the upper part of your body will be enclosed in a giant plastic bubble. So you won’t just run to make a goal. It is going to be about bouncing and smashing during all the game. It won’t take too long for anyone to collapse inside the bubble, exhausted with all the bouncing. It will be a hilarious time of your life.

You can make your team and have 12 bound people playing soccer in the most ridiculously fun way. You can also roll all over the floor in your bubble and have a good time with friends.

Bubble soccer is available all along in Australia, surrounding a price of $20 to $45. In Toronto, Canada you can find the AT Soccer facilities, with 12,000 square feet to play. All along the USA, you can get a lot of companies offering the rental service for this giant bubble to make pleasant parties and events. You can play it outside or inside, anywhere you want! It is an excellent idea for those who want always to innovate at events! I guarantee you that people will keep on talking about it for weeks. It is going to be a one in a kind day.

Does the idea of playing bubble soccer sounds crazy enough for you? Would you dare to play it? Anyone can! So go and have the fun time of your life.

Amazing Thailand, A Land of Traditions

thailand the land of liberty and freedom

Travelling is one of my hobbies since it helps broaden my perspectives of the world and also enlightens me on the new possibilities that I can take up in life.
This is because travelling provides you with a better view or various cultures and ways of life that you can never acquire from watching a movie or documentary. By far one of the most culturally diverse and exciting countries to travel to is known as Thailand.

I managed to discover that Thailand comes from the term `Thai`, which means a free man or in some cases a human being.

Reasons for travelling to Thailand

beautiful thai mangrove sceneryThe country is located on Southeast of China Peninsula, and it has spectacular tropical beaches, ancient ruins and unique royal settings that make it the ideal destination for tourists. With a population of well over 67 million individuals, the country has a broad spectrum of cultures that make it an exceptional travel destination. During my time in Thailand, I also enjoyed visiting Commercial hubs such as Chinatown that comprise of alleys that are packed with markets, restaurants and shopping centres.

Wildlife and Nature Everywhere

The diversity of nature and wildlife is also another aspect of this country that caught my attention. I am love getting the chance to view new ecosystems as well as wildlife. The country has an affinity for wildlife, and this is demonstrated by using the Elephant as their national symbol. Other similar forms of wildlife include leopards, tigers, as well as other large cats, are also available in the country. The weather in the country is mostly tropical dry, wet and savanna climate that I found to be excellent for tourists and is also one of the main reasons why they have a rich diversity of wildlife and ecosystems.

I also loved that Thailand is a politically stable country that does well to provide its citizens with their basic rights as taxpayers. Therefore, the country is a relatively safe place for tourists as well.

Massages are really affordable

had a rough back massage in chiang maiAnother important reason that led me to Thailand is their level of competency when it comes to providing massages. True, the country is synonymous as a health and wellness hub for various people from the world and is also known its ornate temples that display the statues of Buddha.

The massages are exceptional, especially the onces provided by Jonathan Menin Masseur Professionel Thai, since it’s a process that uses traditional herbs as well as superior massaging techniques that have been passed down from previous generations. To be specific, I found the massage helps in dissipate the tension, toxins and pent up energy are held in my body, thus leading to a clearer state of mind.


When it comes to selecting a good leisure activity or hobby, I’ve found that travelling is the most fun and enlightening yet. Travelling to a great country such as Thailand broadened my horizons as an individual. It is a country that has various cultures, diverse wildlife, friendly climate and is also politically stable, thus qualifying it as one of the lumbering giants when it comes to the best travel destinations.