Motorhome itineraries: our 3 favorite destinations in France

France has 1000 itinerary ideas for motorhomes. We have collected 3 travel ideas, among our favorite destinations. Short courses, for a great pleasure of discovery.

The Bay “de” Somme

What do we like about the Somme Bay? Nature, of course, first and foremost. From the Pointe du Hourdel in the south, you can observe the seals (using binoculars) swimming or better still: lazing on the sandbanks. The northern part of the Baie de Somme, on the other hand, is the bird territory, in Merquenterre Park.

As for tourism, we take advantage of our visit to the Bay of the Somme to see Cayeux-Sur-Mer (and its beach), Saint-Valéry-Sur-Somme (its heritage and its view of the bay), or Le Crotoy (and its fishing port). It is also around Le Crotoy and Saint-Valéry that you will find areas to stop off if you do not choose one of the campsites in the area. See the selection of campsites in Baie de Somme from our partner

The Landes on the north side

From the department of Landes, we choose the northern slope. From Mimizan to Biscarrosse, and even to Sanguinet, there is no shortage of wonders. Lake Biscarrosse (a real inland sea, 35 km2) and the pond of Cazaux and Sanguinet offer beautiful places to rest, rest, swim and sail. In Biscarrosse, you can visit the Seaplane Museum and the fortified church of Saint-Martin and stop at one of the three reception areas of the town (but not elsewhere, as the mayor has told us orally).

On the ocean side, the beach is long, wild and always sublime. In Mimizan, we also turn to the lakes: Bourg-Vieux or Aureilhan, connected to the ocean by the “Mimizan current.” A superb walk. Last suggestion: use the cycle paths through the pine forests. The Landes is a real cycling paradise. It would be unfortunate not to take advantage of it.

The Pink Granite coast (Perros-Guirec, Trégastel, etc.)

It is a walk along the Customs path, between Perros-Guirec and Ploumanach. A simple walk along the sea, but what light, and what colors! There are of course these pink rocks with round shapes.

But there is also this sky and this sea which seem to be reversed, so particular are the combined effects of the sun and the sea here. When you come by motorhome, you can easily stay in Trégastel and Trébeurden, but you can also find a good number of car parks (accessible according to the season). After the walk along the coast, there is no shortage of sights in the region.

Some tips to travel well with your pet

It’s not easy to travel with your pets. Knowing that, here are a few tips that can make your dog a good traveler.

In the car

  • Convertibles, truck bodies, and open windows can cause ear infections, conjunctivitis or falls. 

  • We can’t leave him free in the vehicle. It can distract you and cause an accident, but also turn into a projectile in the event of sudden braking. The ideal remains the transport cage. A good harness or seat belt can also do the trick, but they must be safe and not strangle him.
  • On the way, make stops (every two hours), so he can relax, relieve himself and quench his thirst.
  • Bring your leash and identification medals. Before you take him out, put his leash on him, because this new environment could frighten him and make you lose control.
  • Feed the animal at least six hours before departure, bring a bottle of fresh water (the water holes contain bacteria) and its bowl.
  • Never leave him alone in a vehicle, even in the shade. Within minutes, the temperature can rise and cause hyperthermia (heat stroke).
  • The rear part of a van and the luggage compartment should be avoided. In the event of an accident, the animal has no chance.
  • This advice also applies to boat trips, but a life jacket should be added. Cats and dogs are generally good swimmers, but they get tired quickly.

By plane

  • We check the airline’s rules regarding the transportation of animals. If it weighs less than 10 kg (22 pounds) (including the weight of the cage), it should be able to travel in a lightweight carrying bag that can be placed under the seat in front of us. So we can pet him if he cries. Some companies even accept that the bag is on our lap. So we can reassure him if he cries.
  • Two hours before the flight, he is fed lightly, but his water consumption is not reduced.
  • He is familiarized with his cage (treats placed in it can help) several days before departure. You can put your cuddly toy or your favorite doggie on it.
  • If possible, we get her used to it when she’s a baby. Older, he has his habits, and it takes a lot of patience to calm his anguish in front of a new environment.
  • Before going to the airport, he is given a very long walk. Exhausted, it will sleep more easily.

Safely traveling with pets is paramount when going on a holiday.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post, please don’t be an a..hole and leave your dog by the road…

Prepare for your trip, do not hesitate to consult your doctor


It is essential to learn about the risks of catching diseases abroad and how to protect yourself from them.

What should you discuss with your doctor before you leave?

Are you leaving soon for a stay in a tropical country?

Are you planning to travel in precarious conditions? In both cases, a medical consultation is recommended to prevent risks and ensure that your trip is going as smoothly as possible. The discussion can be made with your family doctor or a travel medicine center. It will be an opportunity to learn about the various illnesses to which you may be exposed at your destination and the steps you can take to prevent them. Your doctor will check that your vaccinations are up to date and can do more.

If the country you are visiting is affected by malaria (also known as malaria), it will prescribe a malaria medication for you to take either preventively or in case of symptoms on the spot.

You will also take stock of your other current treatments and renew your prescriptions to ensure that you have enough medication during the trip.

Get a head start!

backpacker ready to travelDo not consult your doctor at the last minute, as vaccines require several weeks in advance to be effective at the time of departure.

For a short trip, a consultation about two weeks before departure is recommended.

If you stay for several months, it is better to plan 4 to 6 weeks in advance, because you may need to make more vaccines and a delay between injections may be necessary. If you go to the doctor too late, he or she may in some cases suggest an accelerated vaccination schedule. This consists in shortening the time between injections, often by adding injection compared to the traditional pattern.

If you are pregnant

Some personal situations require specific precautions to be taken, to be discussed with your doctor before departure. If you are pregnant, weigh the pros and cons before traveling to a tropical country, especially if it is an area affected by malaria. It is not the ideal time to undertake this type of travel, even if proper preparation can reduce the risks. Malaria, but also certain waterborne and foodborne infections (toxoplasmosis, listeriosis, hepatitis A, hepatitis E) are particularly dangerous in pregnant women.

They can lead to miscarriages, fetal malformations, premature births and even death of the pregnant woman. Moreover, the precariousness of medical facilities in some countries is a risk in the event of complications during your pregnancy. If your trip is necessary, protect yourself scrupulously against malaria and foodborne infections. Your prevention against malaria and possible vaccinations should be adapted to your condition. The best time to travel is the second trimester of pregnancy.

If you travel with children

Infectious diseases in young children can progress more rapidly than adults, especially in malaria. Young children will also tend to dehydrate more quickly if they suffer from diarrhea. For these reasons, it is preferable not to travel to a tropical country with an infant under one year of age, or if this is the case, that the child is always breastfed to reduce the risk of infection.

Before going on a trip with a child, locate health facilities close to your destination that can accommodate you in case of an emergency. Ask your doctor for advice on how to recognize signals that will alert you if your child is suffering. Finally, keep in mind that the risk does not only come from infectious diseases but can also be linked to a fall or a road accident for example. So be vigilant!

If you are sick or elderly

If you have a chronic illness, it is recommended that you assess with a doctor your ability to travel and determine with him/her what precautions to take. This is especially true if you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, cancer or HIV-AIDS, have had your spleen removed, are transplanted and are taking immunosuppressive therapy.

The risk of contracting an infectious disease or suffering from severe symptoms increases with age. However, if you are in good health, being old shouldn’t discourage you from traveling. Check with your doctor early enough and follow his advice, knowing that heart problems can be a serious problem.

Visit Incredible Western Australia South West

margaret river mouth ocean

The Southwest area of Western Australia offers an impressive array of activities for practically everybody. The adventurous will enjoy the region’s surf, the gourmands will appreciate the various upscale restaurants and wineries, and families have an abundance of caverns and forest hikes to fill their days with.

Margaret River area

Spending a day, or three, in the Margaret River trips location will provide visitors with the chance to surf some of the finest beaches in the world. No issue, the Margret River area is house to various caverns, and forests, that offer beautiful, and educational, hikes for the entire household. Wind down the day at one of the locations word-class restaurants, or tour one of the lots of wineries or breweries the location has to provide.

The water stays shallow for lots of meters out, and a wide range of different fish and marine life can be seen in the location. Before you sit down for supper at one of Yallingup’s numerous award winning restaurants, get your appetite up for a hike to Quinninup Falls, or along the Cape to Cape Walk.


the busselton jetty
The busselton jetty

Less than a three-hour drive from Perth, the town of Busselton has two times been granted as one of Western Australia’s Leading Tourist Towns. Busselton is home to the longest wooden pier in the Southern Hemisphere which spans almost two kilometres over the Indian Ocean. Hidden under the waves is the best artificial reef systems in all of Australia.

You can view this reef through a directed scuba trip, or in the Undersea Observatory which provides spectacular views of the marine life in the area. Likewise, while in Busselton, you can try your hand at windsurfing, kayaking, fishing or cruising, or just unwind and patronise among the many boutiques on the main road.


Famous as the first spot where European settlers set foot in Western Australia, Albany has an abundant history and plenty of destinations to keep the entire household entertained. Housed in a previously fully-operational whaling station here you will find out the long history of Australia’s whaling community. After finding out about the many whales that migrate through the location set up a whale viewing tour with one of the many businesses in town, or attempt identifying one of the moving humpbacks from the coast.


Boasting one hundred kilometres of shoreline Denmark is the ideal place for fishing, kayaking, swimming, or just relaxing in the sun. In addition to water sports Denmark, thanks to its thirty-year history of “hippy-dom”, is the ideal place to buy any art you can envision. There are galleries devoted to glass works, photography, ceramics, jewelry, and painting. There are likewise locations for musicians, dancers and the carrying out arts. Foodies will enjoy the various fruit and herb farms, chocolate business, and wineries the area needs to offer.

As you can see, the Southwest area of Western Australia offers a wealth of history, culture, and destinations sightseeing. Get out and enjoy it.
We suggest the following tours in Western Australia’s South West with Kandu Holidays

If you are on a budget this video might help you:

Amazing Thailand, A Land of Traditions

thailand the land of liberty and freedom

Travelling is one of my hobbies since it helps broaden my perspectives of the world and also enlightens me on the new possibilities that I can take up in life.
This is because travelling provides you with a better view or various cultures and ways of life that you can never acquire from watching a movie or documentary. By far one of the most culturally diverse and exciting countries to travel to is known as Thailand.

I managed to discover that Thailand comes from the term `Thai`, which means a free man or in some cases a human being.

Reasons for travelling to Thailand

beautiful thai mangrove sceneryThe country is located on Southeast of China Peninsula, and it has spectacular tropical beaches, ancient ruins and unique royal settings that make it the ideal destination for tourists. With a population of well over 67 million individuals, the country has a broad spectrum of cultures that make it an exceptional travel destination. During my time in Thailand, I also enjoyed visiting Commercial hubs such as Chinatown that comprise of alleys that are packed with markets, restaurants and shopping centres.

Wildlife and Nature Everywhere

The diversity of nature and wildlife is also another aspect of this country that caught my attention. I am love getting the chance to view new ecosystems as well as wildlife. The country has an affinity for wildlife, and this is demonstrated by using the Elephant as their national symbol. Other similar forms of wildlife include leopards, tigers, as well as other large cats, are also available in the country. The weather in the country is mostly tropical dry, wet and savanna climate that I found to be excellent for tourists and is also one of the main reasons why they have a rich diversity of wildlife and ecosystems.

I also loved that Thailand is a politically stable country that does well to provide its citizens with their basic rights as taxpayers. Therefore, the country is a relatively safe place for tourists as well.

Massages are really affordable

had a rough back massage in chiang maiAnother important reason that led me to Thailand is their level of competency when it comes to providing massages. True, the country is synonymous as a health and wellness hub for various people from the world and is also known its ornate temples that display the statues of Buddha.

The massages are exceptional, especially the onces provided by Jonathan Menin Masseur Professionel Thai, since it’s a process that uses traditional herbs as well as superior massaging techniques that have been passed down from previous generations. To be specific, I found the massage helps in dissipate the tension, toxins and pent up energy are held in my body, thus leading to a clearer state of mind.


When it comes to selecting a good leisure activity or hobby, I’ve found that travelling is the most fun and enlightening yet. Travelling to a great country such as Thailand broadened my horizons as an individual. It is a country that has various cultures, diverse wildlife, friendly climate and is also politically stable, thus qualifying it as one of the lumbering giants when it comes to the best travel destinations.

Bass Fishing in Northern California

bass fishing trip

If you want to take an excellent Bass fishing trip, Northern California has some of the best. Lake Berryessa is one of the best in the state. When you take a bass fishing trip to Lake Berryessa, you will find that it is one of the few lakes you can catch Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and a Spotted Bass all in one area.

Bass were introduced into California in 1874 from the Mississippi River system and are common in most warm water lakes and rivers in the state.
There are quite a few major lakes in Northern California to take a bass fishing trip. Lake Almanor, which is a top notch, Smallmouth Bass Lake.

My selection of lakes:

caught a big on last yearClearlake for Largemouth Bass, Folsom for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, Lake Mendocino for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Stripers that get up to 40 pounds, Oroville for Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, Shasta for Smallmouth and Spotted Bass, Lake Sonoma which is the newest reservoir in Northern California for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and Trinity for Smallmouth Bass.

Each of these Lakes offers and excellent bass fishing trip.

Some are just better than others.

If you want to take one of the best bass fishing trips on a river in the United States that would be the San Joaquin River Delta, where the Sacramento, Cosumnes, Calaveras and Mokelumne flow into the San Joaquin River to form the Delta, which offers you a quality bass fishing trip. The primary species is the Largemouth bass, some weighing in at more than 15 pounds. So you have to admit that it would be worth taking a bass fishing trip there for one of those. If you decide to fish the Delta in the morning you could always hit Lake Berryessa for a lake bass fishing trip in the late afternoon and stay at one of the many resorts or RV campgrounds and start fresh the next morning. If you are like me and like to tent camp you can set up your camp at Lake Berryessa and go from there.

If all you want to catch are mainly Largemouth Bass, the place to go is San Joaquin River Delta, but if you want a variety of Bass you would want to hit both the San Joaquin River Delta and Lake Berryessa on your next bass fishing trip.