Tips For Choosing Ideal Camping Beds

Camping Beds

Camping can be an excellent experience that gives you a break from the daily stress on your normal life as well as a monotonous lifestyle. Regardless of the situation, being in the wilderness isn’t an easy task to achieve, especially if you’re not used to it, and that’s why it is imperative to choose the most comfortable bedding to make the most of your trip. In this read, we’re going to look at a few things that you need to keep in mind while picking a camping bed.

Things To Bear in Mind

Other than the comfort of picking a great spot and collecting wood for the campfire that you’ll indulge in, there are several things that you need to bear in mind while selecting a bed for your camping. These include:

Camping Bed Types

Picking the right bed will ensure you get a good nights sleep which in turn helps you enjoy your camping trip. There are numerous bed options such as camping mats, sleeping bags, air mattresses, rollaway beds and so on.

An excellent option for a camping bed is the folding mattress as it’s portable, comfortable and light. It can ideally be turned into a futon when you require a chair.

Quality of Material and Damage Proof

bed in a tentIt’s imperative to ascertain that the bed you’re picking is damage proof and will not end up breaking during your camping trip. That’s because you will use it on an uneven, harder surface and at times fold it depending on the situation. Waterproof is another feature to consider as there might be humidity, rain or even floods in the camping zone. Also, consider carrying things such as stitches, quick repair patches, etc. just in case anything happens.

Level of Softness

Just like conventional mattresses, the camping magic bed should be comfortable enough for you. The last thing you want is sleeping on a bed that is digging needles into your body after a tough day full of activities. Ensure that the mattress is neither too firm nor too soft. If possible, test it out at the store to ascertain its degree of softness.

Durability and Warranty

No one wants to spend money on the same piece of camping equipment every time they want to take a camping trip. That is why you should invest in a durable camping bed and one that comes with a warranty so that you can get it repaired or replaced if the issues are under the stated clauses of the guarantee.

Ensure that you carefully consider the material construction, durability, post services warranty and performance reviews as well as the purchase price when comparing the various camping beds available. The best deal is one that features exceptional quality within your budget range.

The tips mentioned above are essential when planning to purchase a bed for your camping trip. Ensure that it is portable enough, comfortable and of high-quality material that will last you for the next several camping trips.

Prepare for your trip, do not hesitate to consult your doctor


It is essential to learn about the risks of catching diseases abroad and how to protect yourself from them.

What should you discuss with your doctor before you leave?

Are you leaving soon for a stay in a tropical country?

Are you planning to travel in precarious conditions? In both cases, a medical consultation is recommended to prevent risks and ensure that your trip is going as smoothly as possible. The discussion can be made with your family doctor or a travel medicine center. It will be an opportunity to learn about the various illnesses to which you may be exposed at your destination and the steps you can take to prevent them. Your doctor will check that your vaccinations are up to date and can do more.

If the country you are visiting is affected by malaria (also known as malaria), it will prescribe a malaria medication for you to take either preventively or in case of symptoms on the spot.

You will also take stock of your other current treatments and renew your prescriptions to ensure that you have enough medication during the trip.

Get a head start!

backpacker ready to travelDo not consult your doctor at the last minute, as vaccines require several weeks in advance to be effective at the time of departure.

For a short trip, a consultation about two weeks before departure is recommended.

If you stay for several months, it is better to plan 4 to 6 weeks in advance, because you may need to make more vaccines and a delay between injections may be necessary. If you go to the doctor too late, he or she may in some cases suggest an accelerated vaccination schedule. This consists in shortening the time between injections, often by adding injection compared to the traditional pattern.

If you are pregnant

Some personal situations require specific precautions to be taken, to be discussed with your doctor before departure. If you are pregnant, weigh the pros and cons before traveling to a tropical country, especially if it is an area affected by malaria. It is not the ideal time to undertake this type of travel, even if proper preparation can reduce the risks. Malaria, but also certain waterborne and foodborne infections (toxoplasmosis, listeriosis, hepatitis A, hepatitis E) are particularly dangerous in pregnant women.

They can lead to miscarriages, fetal malformations, premature births and even death of the pregnant woman. Moreover, the precariousness of medical facilities in some countries is a risk in the event of complications during your pregnancy. If your trip is necessary, protect yourself scrupulously against malaria and foodborne infections. Your prevention against malaria and possible vaccinations should be adapted to your condition. The best time to travel is the second trimester of pregnancy.

If you travel with children

Infectious diseases in young children can progress more rapidly than adults, especially in malaria. Young children will also tend to dehydrate more quickly if they suffer from diarrhea. For these reasons, it is preferable not to travel to a tropical country with an infant under one year of age, or if this is the case, that the child is always breastfed to reduce the risk of infection.

Before going on a trip with a child, locate health facilities close to your destination that can accommodate you in case of an emergency. Ask your doctor for advice on how to recognize signals that will alert you if your child is suffering. Finally, keep in mind that the risk does not only come from infectious diseases but can also be linked to a fall or a road accident for example. So be vigilant!

If you are sick or elderly

If you have a chronic illness, it is recommended that you assess with a doctor your ability to travel and determine with him/her what precautions to take. This is especially true if you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, cancer or HIV-AIDS, have had your spleen removed, are transplanted and are taking immunosuppressive therapy.

The risk of contracting an infectious disease or suffering from severe symptoms increases with age. However, if you are in good health, being old shouldn’t discourage you from traveling. Check with your doctor early enough and follow his advice, knowing that heart problems can be a serious problem.

Visit Amsterdam in a few days

Amsterdam Netherlands europe

Decided it is now time for you to discover Amsterdam… but you do not want to read too much? Read this article dedicated to Amsterdam!

Visiting Amsterdam: extensive program, even if the city does not look gigantic. Besides your cravings, your whims and your budget, you will have to deal with two major factors to carry out your mission. For starters, time – the one you have in front of you. The other not insignificant: time – the one that he makes outside.

the red light district

To help you, here is a small program, mixing the inescapable of Amsterdam with my proposals, more unusual.

Amsterdam’s must-sees:

Discover the city (fast and convenient)

An overview of the city in 24h? It’s possible, with a little organization!

Think fast and efficient: the day before your arrival, book the guided tour ” City Center and canals ” by bicycle at Amsterdam Vélo. This very young company specializes in tours for francophones. Allow 3Hrs for a visit accompanied by a guide.

You will discover the canals, the secrets of Dutch architecture, the unusual places, the secrets and the hidden gardens, the riches of the Golden Age. You will follow all the important monuments of the history of The capital of the Netherlands: the Dam, the typical Jordaan district, the Anne Frank house, the green Vondelpark and many more.

The Van Gogh Museum

It is the largest museum in the world dedicated to the Dutch painter, a must if you like the work of Vincent Van Gogh. All the creative phases of the painter are underlined, one can thus realize the evolution of his work. Works of other contemporaries are also on display. Many visitors are there, so think about buying your ticket beforehand.

Red Light District

From the central station, you are only a few hundred meters from this well-known district. Although its streets are famous for its red lights and seductive windows, they are nevertheless the oldest streets in the city and are full of history and anecdotes.

amsterdam coffee shops to smoke marijuana

The main streets Warmoesstraat, Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudezijds Achterburgwal, are home to Coffee Shops where you can smoke pot using a vaporisateur weed and Sex shops in chaos, while the lanes that connect them place you closer to the shop windows and their charming occupants. It will tell you that the place is much more alive at night, much redder and photogenic too.

For just one day in the city, you will want to be in the city center, i.e., the area delimited by the belt of the main canals (the outermost being the Prinsengracht). From the railway station, for example, go through the Red Light District, then stop at the beautiful Nieuwmarkt square, if possible at Stevens Café (the perfect order: a local beer, a portion of “out kaas” and Bitterballen “).

Go straight down Kloverniersburgwal, take a look at the Hotel Droog, an institution in the world of Dutch design. If you have not stopped above, take a break at Café de Jaren. From there, head to the Flower Market and go up Singel to the Spui Square and its beguinage (read above). If a bit of window-shopping tempts you, go up the Kalverstaat towards the North, and once your shopping settles you head towards the Dam, main square, and navel of the city.

Everything you Need to Know About Camping Water Filters

When heading out on a camping trip, it may be a real inconvenience to have to carry water to the campsite. Camping water filter units are self-contained and are used by recreational camping enthusiasts, military personnel, survivalists, extreme adventurers and others who must get drinking water from untreated sources such as rivers and lakes. The objective of these personal camping water filter devices is to render unchlorinated water potable (that is safe to drink).

Types of camping water filters to quickly convert creek or river water into safe, filtered, drinkable water at your camping site.

Water Purifying Tablets

The least expensive camping water filter treatment and suitable for lightweight backpacking and emergencies. They do not produce the best tasting water and does not remove any sediment. However, they will keep you from getting seriously ill.

campers hiking a national park
Campers hiking a national park

Most popular is Katadyn’s MicroPur Tablets which are the only EPA-registered purification tablets on the market that are 100% effective against bacteria, viruses and cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Water Bottles with Filters

Extremely portable camping water filter will make stream and river water drinkable but does not hold much. Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter Bottle is lightweight, has hassle free operation – just fill it up and go, available for $35. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter, the most rugged has a 20-year warranty, lasts through up to 13,000 gallons of water, comes with a measuring gauge that indicates when you should change the filtering element, usage for 1 to 4 people and weighs in at 20 ounces. Expensive at $225 is chosen by the U.S. military and expeditions due to its extreme durability and dependability and is for those who want the best.

Disposable Water Filters

Typically included in emergency kits this type of camping water filter gives you more filtered volume than what a bottle will hold.The McNett Emergency Water Filter System costs under $10, filters up to 20 gallons of water, extremely lightweight and comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Hanging – Gravity Fed Water Filters

Camping water filter that is ideal for base camps, families, cooking outdoors, showers with longer reliable use. It is a water filter that’s a bag you fill then hang. The water flows via gravity through the filter and the hose. It’s convenient and a lazy way to safe potable drinking water – just fill and hang, no pumping required. Filter rate may be a little slower drip rate, but this type of camping water filter offers volume.

katadyn water filtering system
Katadyn water filtering system

The Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter gets good reviews and is under $60. It filters 200+ gallons of water. Sawyer Just Drink TM Inline Water Filter – under $70 offers size and can be hooked up multiple ways.
Put a straw on both ends and make sure you drink from a stream. Connect it mid-line to a camelback or between two bags and have a gravity filter. Make the top bag a shower bag and have a huge filter that can provide water for the whole camp.

There are many options when buying a camping water filter. For performance and effectiveness of “certified drinking water treatment units” check out the NSF database link above located in the resource section of this site. Your budget and actual needs will determine the camping water filter that is right for you.


Dutch Oven Recipes: Gourmet Cooking at the Campsite

using a camping stove can save you time

A Dutch oven has a long history behind it and a very rich one. It was treasured in the 18th and 19th centuries that it became a prized inheritance and wills often state who inherits it. As a matter of fact, the mother of President George Washington, Mary Ball Washington, stated in her will that half of her “iron kitchen furniture” goes to her grandson and the other half to a granddaughter. Several Dutch ovens were among those given to her granddaughter.

The Dutch oven has been used for cooking for hundreds of years. It is a thick-walled cooking pot, usually made from cast iron, with a tight-fitting lid. Aside from the kitchen, the Dutch oven has also found its way as a great cooking vessel for camping.
Dutch immigrants to the United States had pioneered its use which then spread to other parts of the young country. It was a favourite to use for explorers because of its versatility and durability.

Over time and prolonged use, the design used in the American colonies began to transform from the original. The famous Dutch oven became shallower, and legs were thus added to hold it over the coals. Then a flange was also added to the lid to keep the coals on the lid and out of what’s cooking.

Dutch Oven on the Camp Fire

prepare a strong camping fire
Prepare a strong camping fire

The camping, cowboy, or Dutch chuckwagon oven is designed for camping. It has three legs, a wire bail handle as well as a slightly curved in and rimmed cover. The design of the cover allows for the hot coals to be put on top of it as well as under the pot. Putting hot coals on the cover delivers a more uniform internal heat copying what an oven does.

Most Dutch ovens are made from bare cast iron, though there are others made from aluminium. They are best for long and slow cooking such as when you are cooking stews and casseroles as well as roasting. The old style lipped cast iron Dutch oven can even be used just like a true baking oven for bread, cakes, pizzas and even pies.

However, make sure that you clean your Dutch oven properly after each use. Clean with boiling water and brush using very little soap. After drying, spray a thin coating of oil to prevent it from rusting. Then store it in a dry and clean area with its lid slightly open to allow air circulation. With proper care and storage, a Dutch oven will continue to help you come up with mouth-watering dishes at the camp fire for decades.

Top 6 Dutch Oven Recipes To Get You Started

Chicken Pot Pie


  • Two large chicken breasts, cooked and cubed
  • Two large cans mixed vegetables (make sure it has potatoes)
  • One can cream of chicken soup
  • One can cream of mushroom soup
  • One can of refrigerated biscuits

Cooking Instructions:

Mix the chicken, mixed vegetables including the liquid, and the cans of soups. Put the mixture in a Dutch oven and warm over coals, but do not boil. When warm, put the biscuits on top of the chicken and veggies mixture and cover. Place several coals on the cover. After 15 minutes, check it. Cook this for about 30 minutes or when the biscuits are cooked.
Chili Mac Dutch Oven Recipe


  • 1 pound hamburger
  • One medium onion, chopped
  • Two cans of Ro-Tel diced tomatoes with chillies, do not drain
  • 1 ½ cups elbow macaroni (or your pasta of choice)
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup cheddar cheese, shredded

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat the Dutch oven to about 350 degrees. Once it is hot enough, put in the hamburger and onion. Cook this uncovered while constantly stirring until the meat is well browned. Stir in the undrained cans of diced tomatoes with chillies, water and pasta. Bring this to a boil. After boiling, reduce heat to about 250 degrees, replace lid, and let simmer for 20 minutes or until pasta is tender. Sprinkle cheese before serving.
Apple Dump Cake


  • One sticks butter
  • One 32-ounce jar applesauce
  • 1 Betty Crocker gingerbread mix, mixed according to directions
  • Cool whip or whipped cream

Cooking Instructions:

Melt butter in the Dutch oven. Dump in the applesauce. Mix the gingerbread mix according to package directions, then pour it on the butter-applesauce mixture and cover. Make sure that the Dutch oven is on top of hot coal and not flames. Check once in a while. Baking time is about 20 minutes and remove from the hot coals once the cake feels springy in the centre.

make sure you bring the right materials
Make sure you bring the right equipment!

You can also replace applesauce with cherry pie filling and gingerbread mix with chocolate fudge cake mix for Black Forest Dump Cake.
Oven Fried Chicken


  • Chicken pieces of your choice (boneless chicken breasts, wings, etc.)
  • Cooking oil
  • Bisquick
  • Salt, pepper, paprika

Cooking Instructions:

Heat oil in the hot Dutch oven. Meanwhile, mix Bisquick, salt, pepper, and paprika in a brown pepper bag. Put the chicken pieces inside and shake until well coated. Once the oil is hot enough, arrange chicken pieces and cook until done.
Sausage Creole


  • 2 pounds sausages or kielbasa sausages
  • One red bell pepper
  • ½ cup chopped onion
  • 2/3 cup chopped celery
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • Two cans stewed tomatoes
  • 4 tbsps olive oil
  • ½ cup sliced green olives
  • Two packages Spanish rice mix
  • ¼ cayenne pepper

Cooking Instructions:

Cut the sausages into ½-inch thick and dice the bell pepper. Heat Dutch oven over coals and sauté pepper, onion, and celery in olive oil. Then combine all remaining ingredients in the Dutch oven, replace lid, and bring to a boil. After which, place the Dutch oven over low heat (about four coals) while placing 8 or so coals on the lid. Simmer until rice is cooked.
Burger, Beans and Biscuits


  • 2 pounds lean hamburger
  • Two 2-pound cans of baked beans
  • 1 cup of your favourite BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • ½ cup ketchup
  • ½ cup mustard
  • One small onion, chopped
  • Bisquick mixes for 12 biscuits

Cooking Instructions:

Brown the hamburger in the Dutch oven. Stir in the baked beans, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, and onion. Mix well and cover. Cook on low heat (about 275 degrees) for 10-15 minutes. While cooking, prepare Bisquick mix to make 12 biscuits. Check the Dutch oven and stir the burgers and beans. Completely cover the top of the mixture with the biscuits you prepared. Sprinkle cheese over this and replace the cover.

Bake for about 20-30 minutes or until the biscuits is done.

Looking for cooking tech? Watch the following video:

Shot Amazing Aerial Pictures With A Drone

streets in sichuan province

Drones are the trending topic in the field of technology and photography and its advancing at a rapid rate. They are the best pass tame activities which have changed the way youngsters have fun in the present era. They are excited about the powerful high-tech quadcopters. They have taken an interest in learning controls including the essential functions as well as the advanced manoeuvring techniques that enable them to take part in racing. They also get a chance to test their skills among other pilots’ capabilities at this art. Before acheter un drone en ligne, there are a few things you want to consider.

Factors to consider if buying a drone

There are challenges that people find when looking for a suitable drone. Nevertheless, you should consider these factors while purchasing the machine

Speed and elevation

Small drones don’t fly as much higher as larger ones. They are not as fast and are considered unsuitable for drone racing. Therefore, if you want to have the best aerial photographs, then you will have to look for one that is capable of reaching the height of more than 300 feet.

Replacement parts

Drones are aircraft that can easily be involved in an accident. All it takes is a slight error of judgment or taking a wrong turn which results in drone tumbling to the ground.


my last drone aquisitionThe field of photography has advanced with the use of drones. The drone doesn’t take photos itself; it has an inbuilt camera mounted on it that is responsible for taking quality pictures. Some cameras used for videography or aerial photography are quite heavy and should, therefore, be incorporated with an advanced drone that is able of handle the weight. Ordinary cameras will not do the job; you need a high tech camera and a gimbal support to keep the camera stable during the drone flight that will allow you to take better videos and photos.

Battery life

Battery life and its quality are the primary determinant of the amount of time that a drone can remain in the air. It should also take a minimum time to recharge with at least 20 minutes of flight time and about half an hour to get fully charged.

Purpose of use
stationery mode of quadcopter
Stationery mode is great for steady quality pics

The main tip to consider when buying a drone is to identify the purpose for which you want to purchase this particular vehicle. If you are aspiring to get the vehicle for recreation use, quadcopters are available in the market at an affordable price. However, for a professional videography or aerial photography, you need a more advanced model that has the capability to capture events and photos at different angles. Wildlife photography is quite expensive; the camera should be able to capture animals at their original habitats without endangering the photographer’s life.

Bottom line

Drones are not used just for fun, innovative shops using it to deliver food packages like pizza and other items. They are the best deal in re-enacting movie scenes, recording soccer games, weddings, and other memorable events.


Drones are the key to a brighter future. They are not just smart toys but a device that would ease life in a big way shortly. The future lies in your hand waiting for you to take advantage of it. Follow this About me profile for extra info!

5 Airline Booking Tips that will quickly get you the cheapest ticket

When your flight ticket is so expensive that it wrecks havoc on your budget, the best way to go is to commit some time into researching cheap deals. First, there are too many reasons why flights are costly these days. For instance, if the airline is tight on its budget, it will be under pressure to make profits, and that means little fare cuts. In addition to this, some airlines have since eliminated certain routes altogether and are only flying to a few destinations in full passenger capacity. It also means fewer incentives. Thus, fares remain higher.

However, you should know that opportunities still exist amid all these challenges. These airlines run dozens of deals each day, some intentional while others mistakenly published. Finally, some decide to slash down their prices to compete with other airlines.

It’s now time to learn what you can do to secure these deals. The following is a list of your ultimate airline booking tips:

You should be flexible with your travel dates

When demand is high, prices go up. If you travel around Europe in the month of August, be sure to face a hard time securing cheap airline deals. Upcoming holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and so forth can be challenging as well.

Fly in the middle of the week as opposed to the weekends. Reason being, demand goes up during the weekend. You could also travel after a major holiday or during early morning and late night hours. Fewer people travel then.

Take advantage of budget airlines

It makes sense to approach budget airlines for the best deals in town. The tradition of intercontinental flights being reserved to expensive carriers is long gone. Bouncing from point A to B is now cheaper with budget airlines which fly long-haul routes. For this reason, you should start with budget airlines first before approaching their costly alternatives.

Alternative routes can be cheaper

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 14.12.56If you’re willing to spare some time along the way, you can take an alternative route to your destination instead. For instance, you could take a flight to London, then take another budget airline to Amsterdam instead of directly flying to Amsterdam. Hoping on a budget flight will save you the cost. In fact, this is the best way to go if you’re not in a harry to arrive at your destination.

You should know that not all search engines are the same when it comes to listing deals

When Americans look for the best airline deals, they use Orbitz or Expedia. Some of them work with the airlines while the carriers themselves own others. What this means is that you will never find unbiased fares in most of the modern search engines.

So your safest bet would be to search as many of them as possible. You’ll be permanently leaving no stone un-turned while also raising your chances of finding cheap deals. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that many of these search engines never list cheap deals because these airlines never want to pay booking commission.


You should use as many search engines as possible. You want to catch price variations and deals as well. And regardless of which airline booking tips you choose, it’s always best to trust search engines that are not affiliated with any air carrier, or those that make money via advertising as opposed to booking commission.