Bubble Soccer – A new amazing sport

guys playing bubble football

As everything evolves, sports should not stay the same forever. There are now some new ways to make you sweat, have fun with friends and keep you healthy without going to the gym or training every day. They are a mix of fun activities and sports. This new sports may include trampolining, indoor skiing, Parkour, hyper-simulation or bubble soccer.

But what is bubble soccer?

It is exactly what it sounds like in the name: regular football with the small exception that your legs are free, but from legs, the upper part of your body will be enclosed in a giant plastic bubble. So you won’t just run to make a goal. It is going to be about bouncing and smashing during all the game. It won’t take too long for anyone to collapse inside the bubble, exhausted with all the bouncing. It will be a hilarious time of your life.

You can make your team and have 12 bound people playing soccer in the most ridiculously fun way. You can also roll all over the floor in your bubble and have a good time with friends.

Bubble soccer is available all along in Australia, surrounding a price of $20 to $45. In Toronto, Canada you can find the AT Soccer facilities, with 12,000 square feet to play. All along the USA, you can get a lot of companies offering the rental service for this giant bubble to make pleasant parties and events. You can play it outside or inside, anywhere you want! It is an excellent idea for those who want always to innovate at events! I guarantee you that people will keep on talking about it for weeks. It is going to be a one in a kind day.

Does the idea of playing bubble soccer sounds crazy enough for you? Would you dare to play it? Anyone can! So go and have the fun time of your life.