Month: September 2018

Some tips to travel well with your pet

It’s not easy to travel with your pets. Knowing that, here are a few tips that can make your dog a good traveler.

In the car

  • Convertibles, truck bodies, and open windows can cause ear infections, conjunctivitis or falls. 

  • We can’t leave him free in the vehicle. It can distract you and cause an accident, but also turn into a projectile in the event of sudden braking. The ideal remains the transport cage. A good harness or seat belt can also do the trick, but they must be safe and not strangle him.
  • On the way, make stops (every two hours), so he can relax, relieve himself and quench his thirst.
  • Bring your leash and identification medals. Before you take him out, put his leash on him, because this new environment could frighten him and make you lose control.
  • Feed the animal at least six hours before departure, bring a bottle of fresh water (the water holes contain bacteria) and its bowl.
  • Never leave him alone in a vehicle, even in the shade. Within minutes, the temperature can rise and cause hyperthermia (heat stroke).
  • The rear part of a van and the luggage compartment should be avoided. In the event of an accident, the animal has no chance.
  • This advice also applies to boat trips, but a life jacket should be added. Cats and dogs are generally good swimmers, but they get tired quickly.

By plane

  • We check the airline’s rules regarding the transportation of animals. If it weighs less than 10 kg (22 pounds) (including the weight of the cage), it should be able to travel in a lightweight carrying bag that can be placed under the seat in front of us. So we can pet him if he cries. Some companies even accept that the bag is on our lap. So we can reassure him if he cries.
  • Two hours before the flight, he is fed lightly, but his water consumption is not reduced.
  • He is familiarized with his cage (treats placed in it can help) several days before departure. You can put your cuddly toy or your favorite doggie on it.
  • If possible, we get her used to it when she’s a baby. Older, he has his habits, and it takes a lot of patience to calm his anguish in front of a new environment.
  • Before going to the airport, he is given a very long walk. Exhausted, it will sleep more easily.

Safely traveling with pets is paramount when going on a holiday.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post, please don’t be an a..hole and leave your dog by the road…