Choosing the Best Camping Tents is Not a Hard Thing!

camping tent and knife

Going to camp for the first time? You will need to choose the right tent, and that can prove harder than you might imagine. There is an enormous array of camping tents to choose from, but here you can get some helpful tips to finding the perfect tent for you.


amazing canadian landscapeTents come in a host of different sizes, from two berths right up to enormous family-sized tents. You need to think carefully about how big you need your tent to be, and you need to consider your requirements carefully. Just because there are only two of your travelling for example, a two man tent may be too small to meet your needs. Depending on the amount of equipment you are taking with you, you may need a larger size to accommodate your essentials and making sure you get a cool tent for camping.

As a rule, allow 25 square feet per person, with perhaps an even more generous amount allowed if you are camping for a longer period. You should however think about how easily you will be able to transport a larger tent. Family sized tents are bulky, even when folded up, and can take up a lot of room in a vehicle. They can also be difficult to find a pitching space for, can take a long time to erect and may be unstable in windy conditions, so if you are travelling in a larger group, it may be best to bring a few smaller tents rather than one big one.

Windows And Doors

It is important to have adequate ventilation, especially if you are travelling in a hot or humid climate. Choose a tent with plenty of mesh windows, but ensure that they can be closed with a zip, drawstring or with velcro. A tent with doors on each side is especially convenient as it allows people to exit without stepping over another occupant.


man hiking in the woodsTents are made of different materials, but if you want a durable tent, you should choose one made of a high-quality breathable nylon. Although some shelters are available that are made from a rip-stop fabric, these can be heavy and not suitable for those who are cycling or backpacking. Look for a tent with reinforced nylon tape seams to ensure longevity.


Think about where you are likely to be pitching your tent and what the weather will be like. An igloo-shaped tent with sturdy poles is essential in the wind while a tent with a waterproof rain fly and a tub floor is best in rainy conditions. A three-season tent is best in cold weather while you are looking for plenty of ventilation when travelling in hot regions.


Tents come in at all price points, and usually the more you pay, the better the quality. If you are on a budget, you will want to find the best possible tent within your price range so determine which are the essential features that you will need – will you require that reinforced stitching or rip-stop fabric?