Visit Paris, and Fall in Love.

In 2016, Paris still attracts wide-eyed tourists as it has for centuries. Known as the City of Light and even the City of Love, a visit to Paris leaves the tourist with beautiful memories; people love to linger there and to return time after time. The magic of Paris is so much more than the sum of its many attractions but vintage 2CV tour is a unique experience.

Since 1860, the city has been divided into twenty arrondissements. For visitors who may be over-awed by Paris’s many glories, a clever technique is to sight-see the city arrondissement by arrondissement, which is to say, in English, district by district.

paris during the dayEach district has its culture and style, so by exploring the city this way, tourists can discover their own favourite spots in the heart of Paris. Another interesting way to see the city of Paris is to visit either the Rive Gauche, or the left bank of the river Seine, or the Rive Droite, which is the right bank of the River Seine.

The distinctions between the right and the left bank remain as they have been for centuries: The Left Bank is the side of the River Seine where artists and students traditionally gather. The Right Bank of the River Seine is where business and long term residents flourish. As a way of dividing the city of Paris with its multiple cultures, these distinctions can be helpful, even though they are not as strictly upheld as they were in the days when famous artists such as Hemingway, Picasso and Gertrude Stein haunted the cafés and salons of the Left Bank.

The Left Bank is home to Montparnasse, the Quartier Latin, Le Tour Eiffel and the Luxembourg Gardens. The Right Bank showcases the tourist attractions of the Champs Elysées, the Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe and surprising or not, La Pigalle, the Red Light District.
A brief guide to the arrondissements or districts of the Right and Left Banks shows that the Left Bank, which is the smaller area contains six districts which are Panthéon, Luxembourg, Palais-Bourbon, Gobelins, Observatoire and Vaugirard.

The Right Bank is comprised of fourteen districts, which are Louvre, Bourse, Temple, Hôtel-de-Ville, Elysée, Opéra, Entrepôt, Popincourt, Reuilly, Passy, Batignolles-Monceau, Butte-Montmartre, Butte-Chaumont and Ménilmontant.

Some twenty first celebrities who love Paris are Serena Williams and Kanye West. While Kanye would love to live permanently in Paris, Serena has an apartment in the eighth arrondissement.
Restaurants, Bistros, Boutiques, Public Gardens, Museums – Paris, has them all.